Heavenly Rewards Programme – 25% Referral Bonus

(for existing clients only)

I receive a great deal of valued business through referrals from existing clients who use and love my service.

Recently a lot of thought and consideration has been put into how my loyal clients can be rewarded for their support, ongoing business and recommendations. The ‘Heavenly Rewards Programme’ is my way of saying “Thank You”.

The programme will show my appreciation to you and offer you an additional incentive for recommending Virtually Angels to your friends, followers, colleagues and network.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You refer a potential client to Virtually Angels.  In order for me to know they came from your referral you need to send an email to with their name, or alternatively, you can ask the potential client to quote your name when they contact me.
  2. I’ll liaise with that potential client and agree how I am able to support them, they will then go through the standard channels for getting started with Virtually Angels as a client. A checklist of your referrals and their status will be recorded in your client area.
  3. You then get credited 25% commission on your Virtually Angels Client Account, on the total amount of their first invoice issued to them from Virtually Angels, so let’s take a look at a possible scenario.

The Scenario:

Let’s say you refer a client who purchases a Web Design Package at £500.  The first invoice to the client would be a 75% deposit which is £375.  In this case £93.75 credit would be applied to your client account for use of my services, but this commission applies only to the 1st invoice, so let’s say the person you referred wanted to pay the full amount upfront then £125 would be credited to your account.

There are 3 conditions to the Heavenly Rewards Programme.

  1. As a client you will be familiar with my service and attention to detail and close working relationship I have with you (my clients).  Please consider the type of person you are referring to me, and based on your experience as a client, whether I would be a good fit.
  2. The credit will only be applied to your client account or next invoice as soon as the work for the new client is complete, not before.
  3. The credit will expire 6 months from the date applied if it is not used.

And that’s it!

This policy comes into effect from 4 June 2014.

If you would like to make a referral or you have any questions regarding the Heavenly Rewards Programme, please don’t hesitate to contact me on  Thank You!


I reserve the right to close down the Heavenly Rewards Programme at any time, and will notify you in advance. If the programme for any reason does close, any commissions owed before the programme closes will be credited to your client account as normal.